Verona V2 Gaming Chair

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  • The Arozzi Verona Gaming Chair is now available for you to buy. Arozzi plans to take you and your game to the next level and beyond. This Swedish brand has integrated many of the most popular features from other product lines and included with them the latest in ergonomic design to produce a chair for gaming that puts you at the center of control and comfort. This models Supple pleather covering over a lightweight metal frame gives a luxury feel while maintaining the flexibility to move and react very quickly.

    The Verona includes ergonomic features like extra padded seating, adjustable armrests, extra and adjustable back and head support and the durable pleather upholstery is also easy to clean. Verona comes in a variety of exciting colors to enhance your space. When it’s time to win the Verona will get you across the line with comfort to spare.

    • White

    • Adjustable seat height 510 – 570 mm 20.1-22.4 inches
      Chair height 1330 - 1390mm 52.4-54.7 inches
      Seat inner width 380mm 15”
      Seat depth 530mm 20.9"
      Backrest height 820mm 32.3"
      Upper backrest inner width 470mm 18.5”
      Weight Capacity 140kg 310 lbs.
      Netto Weight 19kg 41.9 lbs
      Gross Weight 21kg 50.7 lbs
      Box Dimension 830x650x320mm 32.7 x 25.6 x 12.6 inches

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