PulseLabz was founded by a group of passionate eSports enthusiasts looking to develop a range of gaming chairs, which not only looked great but also provided absolute comfort during marathon gaming sessions. Their range of racer gaming chairs all feature a striking design, with oversized, high-density foam padding on their seats, as well as the addition of extra neck and lumbar support cushions. The Polyurethane leather on each bucket-shaped seat is durable and comes in a selection of bold color options. For the ultimate in relaxation, the backs of the PulseLabz gaming chairs recline to a full 180° angle. The PulseLabz brand’s main objective was to deliver a high-quality product at an affordable price and, as you can see, they have achieved this. These ergonomic gaming chairs are stylish, comfortable, and should certainly pique the interest of anyone looking to for a racer gaming chair for their gaming station.