About Us

Welcome to gaming-chairs.ca, dedicated to providing you with the widest variety of gaming chairs and gaming furniture all in one place. Our company was founded by a group of passionate and dedicated gamers who understood the importance of high-quality office furniture with the specific purpose of providing back and neck support during long periods of video gaming.

If you are into eSports and, like us, spend hours on end sitting in one spot engrossed in a game, you will know how a poor quality chair can cause pain and stiffness. Over time, this may lead to further long-term problems. Therefore, on gaming-chairs.ca we have put together a collection of only the most reputable and trusted brands in the gaming chair and gaming furniture industry. Each and every product available on our site is manufactured to the highest standards of function, quality, and design.

Never underestimate the positive effects that investing in dedicated gaming chairs, desks and accessories will have on your physical well-being, not to mention the added value it can bring to your video game play in general. A good quality gaming chair will have a strong ergonomic design, providing essential support to the neck, arm, shoulder and lumbar regions, and will also allow you to relax and unwind whilst you play.

Proper support for the spine and neck is proven to increase concentration and improve reflexes, due to allowing blood flow more efficiently throughout the body. Not only will your gaming performance and gaming experience develop, but you’ll find yourself feeling better overall.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or feedback. Your wellbeing and satisfaction are always our priority. Happy gaming!