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Welcome to, your one-stop shop for all things related to video game chairs, gaming desks and gaming accessories. We offer only the best brands in the eSports industry, such as DXRacer, Arozzi, PulseLabz, and more, providing our customers 24/7 access to hundreds of different models and products.

Our mission at is not only to enhance the comfort of our customers whilst they game, but to also impart the knowledge and expertise we have gained over the years about what kinds of gaming furniture and accessories would be most beneficial to you and your specific needs. We know that most gamers are all about strategizing, teamwork, piecing together clues, and problem solving. But it can be easy to get let your physical well-being take a back seat, so to speak, when focused on the intensities of video gaming. is here to get you back on track.

Gamer or not, most people don’t put enough thought into their posture, whether they are sitting correctly, or whether their desk chair is causing them harm. We probably all grew up with our teachers and parents nagging us to sit up straight and not to sit too close to the TV screen. This may sound all too familiar, and while you may not want to admit it, they had a point. At the, we believe in Three C’s: Comfort, Circulation, and Concentration. In other words, sitting in a high-quality, ergonomically designed desk chair will not only keep your body comfortable, but the improved posture will increase blood circulation throughout your body. Improved comfort levels and blood circulation can lead to better concentration and focus.

A good gaming chair will change your life, not only because you won’t be constantly rearranging your posture, hunching at a computer desk, or slouching on an old beanbag chair, but because by helping your body stay properly supported, you will continue into your later years with a stronger back and better physical well-being. You can count on all our ergonomically designed chairs to have perfect lumbar support to ease or eliminate back pain, leaving you free to break scoring records in DOTA 2 or League of Legends.

Even if you already know that your spinal posture could be better, you should also be conscious of your neck, your wrists, and your legs. Confining yourself to one spot for a long period of time, which, let’s face it will happen when you game, can cause numbness or soreness across the body, including in the legs, the coccyx, the arms, and the neck. It is, therefore, important to be able to stretch every so often. And while playing for hours at a time is most gamers’ idea of the perfect way to spend a day, it’s easy to forget about the fact that your hands and your wrists might be suffering from overuse. All of these issues can be resolved and looked after with an investment in a top quality gaming chair. On, there are plenty of styles of desk and gaming chairs with adjustable armrests, wrist support, additional neck padding, back relining features, and so many different ways to fully customize the chair to suit your height, size or comfort requirements. You shouldn’t have to be uncomfortable while gaming, and we want to ensure the best gaming experience for all of our visitors!

When gaming, think about how important it is to have a high-quality monitor, microphone, headset, pair of headphones, or of course the hand controller. You wouldn’t try and cut corners on those essential tools due to the improvement they offer to the gaming experience. You know better than to strain your eyes and ears, or to use a hand controller that’s the wrong size, so it is important that we apply the same principle to our hips, back, and neck.

No matter what kind of games you play – racing games, eSports, stealth and strategy games, horror or survival games, role-playing, fantasy, or anything else – the best thing you can do to improve your performance is to invest in a durable, high-quality, maximum-support gaming chair. You’ll find yourself more energized, more focused, better at making at strategic plans, and better able to communicate with any of the partners you’re playing with.

Don’t hesitate to browse our selection and contact us with any questions! We understand the importance of dependable furniture and accessories to your gaming experience, and we know that each gamer might have slightly different needs.