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X-Rocker Gaming Chair

X-Rocker Gaming Chair

Gaming chairs have burst onto the scene, with more and more avid gamers starting to add them to their already extensive collection of gadgets. The market is flooded with manufacturers trying to sell their products, so it can be a difficult decision to choose the best one. To make life that much easier, the X rocker gaming chair has been hailed as one of the best in its class. It is definitely worth taking a look at. With the X rocker range you are definitely spoilt for choice. There is one for you no matter your age, style or color preference, or your need for the latest in ergonomic design.

X Pro

This is an advanced multimedia chair featuring gunstock arms, subwoofer vibration and 2.1 wireless audio. The vibratory and rocker components allow for more of a realistic gaming experience, since it brings the game to life. It is compatible with a variety of popular devices such as TV, DVD, and of course, major consoles. It is able to fold into a compact shape for easy transfer and storage. The wireless capability allows it to transmit to other devices without the need of wires.

The bean bag

These chairs may very well be the most simplistic gaming chairs around. They are fun and comfortable and are more suited to families who like gaming. As with the other X rocker gaming chairs it is able to connect to other electronic media. It also features vibration and built in audio. These are available in adult and child styles so you can get a selection for the whole family to enjoy.

These are just two of the popular X rocker gamin chairs available. Others include Storm rocker, X Hurricane, Recliner deluxe, X vision pedestal, X rocker1.2 wireless and X bandit, to name but a few.